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More and more large companies are creating similar AI expresses.FedEx created the FedEx SameDay Bot to deliver a variety of small cargo in the US. Amazon launched Scout, an autonomous delivery robot that delivers packages to residents in the United States. Delivery robots like these offer a convenient and contactless method to get food, groceries, and more.

AI Post

Evolving capital markets landscape presents an array of challenges in post-trade processing – rising costs and margin pressures, higher risk and compliance requirements and increased regulatory interventions. Learn how adopting cutting-edge AI capabilities with a structured approach can help capital markets firms address these challenges and gain a competitive advantage.

AI post is having a drastic impact

Digital technology can lead to faster and more reliable delivery services, and it can bridge the gap between current post offices operating with last-century technology and what customers expect in the modern world.

DHL launches first automated drone delivery service in China

DHL has launched its first regular fully-automated and intelligent urban drone delivery service with EHang in China.

AI technology is changing the business landscape

AI is no longer a future phenomenon that holds the potential of disrupting businesses. It is already here.It is increasingly becoming evident that AI can help businesses with nearly every aspect, including AI Post and AI express, AIDC,security and customer service.

Remote area delivery

As part of a FTL/DFID project in Africa, UAVaid successfully integrated the Hansard UAV into the medical supply chain for deliveries to a remote clinic in western Malawi.

Contactless delivery

Contactless delivery service for a safer and faster experience. Especially in dealing with the COVID-19 is better.

UPS delivery using UAV

According to US media reports, the US Federal Courier Service (UPS) has announced the successful use of UAVs to an island in Boston offshore shipping medicines, he joined with Amazon and other rivals in the United States to test delivery drones ranks.

AIDC ( AI  Distribution Center )

AI solutions have the potential to reduce cost and manual engineering time and efforts. AI can help distribution centers optimize product slotting, manage workforce, automate batching and sequencing, orchestrate automated robots, and manage transportation. With AI-based solutions, companies don’t need to spend the time and money to develop extensive in-house AI expertise.

AI technology is changing the business landscape

AI Post, AI Express and AIDC (AI distribution center) have entered all aspects of life. Their commercial value is becoming increasingly apparent, and there is still much room for appreciation relative to the value of domain names.

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