Guide to Branding: Brand Strategy and Marketing

When it comes to business, branding is key. It’s what sets you apart from the competition in the marketplace. That’s why it’s important to focus on your brand strategy.

What is Brand Strategy and Marketing?

A strong brand strategy helps you present a unified, consistent brand identity in market: Ranging from your site design, to your social media profiles, and even to how you communicate with customers.
A good brand strategy helps you understand your business values and directs your brand to grow in manners beneficial to both your business and customers. It’ll help you communicate with your audience clearly and effectively, attract the right customers, and positions your brand in a way that helps you grow your market share.

Why is Brand Strategy Important?

Crafting a brand strategy helps you understand who you are and what matters to your business, like your values and mission. Those are vitally important to understand when making marketing and business decisions.

How to Create a Brand Strategy

Before sitting down to create your brand strategy, it’s good to have the following information at hand:
1.Who’s your target audience?
2.Who’s your competition?
Once you have that information handy, it’s time to start strategizing. So, let’s do it. To build your brand strategy, follow the steps below.

Understanding the Core of Your Brand

Your business holds a set of core beliefs that drives and influences every aspect of your brand. You can think of these beliefs as your business values or your mission.
It’s essential that you start your brand strategy by diving into the heart of your brand and determining your values. These values and your core brand can then be shared with your audience and in market through messaging and visual representations.

Define Your Brand Voice and Messaging

Now that you understand what makes your brand tick, it’s time to figure out how to communicate that to your customers and in the market. You can think of this as an exercise in brand messaging.
To craft the best brand messaging, you’ll need to understand three things:
1.Your brand’s personality.
2.What voice to us.
3.What tone to take.
Once you’ve defined your brand messaging, it’ll be so much easier to communicate effectively and talk about who you are in market. Your brand messaging and voice should be used when sharing your brand story, making a pitch, or making a promise to your customers.

Define Your Brand’s Visual Identity

Your brand expresses itself through colors, images, and icons just as much as it does with words. When crafting your visual identity keep in mind that you’re designing not just for your immediate needs, but for your brand’s future, too.

Translating Your Brand Strategy into Brand Guidelines

Translating your brand strategy into a tangible document that contains your brand guidelines is an essential step in achieving business success. Having this information documented not only keeps you accountable, but it makes it easy to share with whomever needs the information, whether that be employees or an outside contractor.

Putting Your Brand into Market

Ready to take your business and brand into the market? Congrats!
Now that you’ve established your brand strategy, you’ve set yourself up for success.