How do you choose the best domain name for business online to be booming?

1. Thoughtfully Choose a TLD

A TLD (Top Level Domain) is your website’s extension. This is the .co, .com, .org, etc, after your website name. With this decision, there are some factors to consider. The .com is going to be by far the most classic and popular TLD out there. This has always been the most recognizable TLD. However, with that being said, there are also more domain names with this TLD than with any other TLD. This means the choices are limited and the chances are that your desired domain name has already been taken by someone else. The .net, .org, .co, and .biz TLDs are the next popular TLDs by a wide margin, but will provide you with greater chances of scoring your desired domain name. However, going for the .com first is probably the wisest starting place.

For example,,

2. Use Keywords in the Domain Name Itself

When a search engine such as Google or Bing searches the web using specific keywords, it considers the domain name of websites as a keyword to determine the type of content of that given website. So, let’s say for example that someone is looking for a robot toy company. The domain and would be more discoverable by search engines would be.. There are some tools out there that make choosing keywords much easier. However, be wary of over doing it. A domain name with too many keywords can appear tacky and suspicious, causing people to avoid visiting your site.

3. Keep It Short and Simple

The whole point is that your domain name is easily memorable by viewers. A domain name that is too complex, too long, or too wordy can have a negative impact on your online presence. Having a short and simple domain name will be easier for people to remember and search for you. It will also leave a better online footprint when it comes to brand recognition. In addition to this it is also best to stay away from the use of periods or hyphens in the middle of the domain name itself, as this adds to the difficulty of remembering and spelling.

For example,AIsys.Group,AIpost.VIP

4. Allow for Room to Grow

You want to have a domain name that is unique, because it sets you apart. You also want one that represents and defines your identity accurately. With this being said, however, being overly specific can easily trap you in the future on the chances that you want your website to expand into other categories. This requires you to think ahead, be a visionary, and consider the possibilities. For example, if you currently specialize in CNY settlement business, it may be best to steer clear from a domain name such as What if in the future you want to other financial business as well? A better option might be


Having a well thought out and strategic domain name is crucial. It will help you to have flexible online presence and will help you to be discoverable on the web. It also helps to reinforce your credibility and legitimize your site, as well as establish brand recognition and memorability. Having a popular Top Level Domain (TLD) will increase your discoverability as well. Choosing a short and simple domain name that contains relevant keywords will help your website to be memorable, recognizable, and will help build an online reputation. Finally, a domain name that is specific and yet general enough to leave room for expansion and growth down the road is a smart approach when make your domain commitment.