Think of a domain name as the very face and identity of your presence online. Your domain name could be the very factor that determines how many visitors you have to your website, or if you have visitors at all. The more visitors to your website, the more opportunities open up for your business, blog, or whatever you use your website for. With over 350 million domain names globally, it is important to take into consideration what makes your website worth seeing, and what will make your website come to the surface in the midst of the internet ocean. Let’s take a look at some of the most important reasons why strategically choosing a domain name is worth the time and effort, as well as some helpful hints to assist in the decision making process.

Domain Names Help Maintain a Fluid Web Presence

Whenever a URL is visited or searched for, its presence online begins to grow and gain momentum. A URL is basically the server of a specific website. A domain name can be given to the URL that makes it uniquely its own. If you’re unhappy with your domain name and decide to switch it up, you’d have to start building all over, as the address has changed. There are some exceptions; unique blogs, services, or company domain names can switch their domain without losing all of the credibility and presence previously gained.

Domain Names Reinforce Brand Recognition

Business domain names that match the name of the business itself are much easier to remember and search for by customers wanting to find you on the web. When a customer or inquirer wants to search for your blog, business, or service online, it is an incredible help and convenience for the domain name to be the same. This builds credibility as a legitimate entity and helps to build a respected name. The obvious result? More traffic is generated for your website and your web presence increases.

Domain Names Help Establish Reputation

All in all, having a proper domain name that is easily discoverable helps to establish you as being innovative and relevant. Overall, this helps to legitimize your website and build credibility with your audience. Things which prove tech-savvy and professional in today’s modern world are typically elevated over those which seem “behind the times”. This makes having a discoverable and credible domain name crucial for any online entity. Without a good domain name on the web you run the risk of appearing old fashioned and outdated.

Domain Names Increase Discoverability on the Web

Without a domain name, or with a domain name that is either overly generic or overly specific, it is very unlikely to gain any sort of consistent random traffic online other than traffic coming from those who intentionally search for your website due to prior knowledge, such as friends, family, and clients. This leaves your website lost and never to be found in the plethora of domain names that saturate the world wide web. Having a strategically chosen domain name causes your search engine ranking to rise. This means you will be much more recognizable on the web, resulting in an increase of random traffic to your website. As your site develops in content and quality, your domain name will become even more recognizable.